Why this blog..?

July 5, 2009

🙂 Salam & good day to all  readers out there!

The main reason i sign this blog up is, to write & share about natural living. It all started when i gave birth to my first baby Nadyne, 2.5years back. I began with BREASTFEEDING, nothing else but merely my milk (human milk, of course!) for the 1st 6 months. I continued my unbounded passion with home-cooked-with love meals for my daughter.

Then one fabulous mother introduced me to BABYWEARING, which I am now in a state of addicted to it, and so does my Nadyne!

God The Almighty blessed us with another baby girl, Naurin. With both of these little girls, I learned about CLOTHDIAPERING. I have been so allured to it, that I hate sposies as much as my dearest hubby does!

Yup, its true that having those lil kids had eventually transformed me n DH to be more selective, sensitive to nature and be more proactive. We do love you both Nadyne & Naurin!

I do hope that i can be more friendly to the earth, as a super mom and super wife 😉


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