Something for Nadyne

July 6, 2009

P8230309Yesterday afternoon, while I was having my leasure time with DH and kids having some fun here and there, I was a bit disturbed by the way Nadyne improperly keeping her jumbo colour pencils. It’s not because it looked untidy, but it just hit me with an idea of sewing something nice for her.  Yup, i really mean s-e-w-i-n-g.

Well..after trimming about the right size of 2 differents materials, arrange them accordingly, i sew it very straight-forwardly [yeaa yeaa..I do admit that i AM amateur], putting on the white ribbon to make a simple tie, and taddaaa..I came up with something little thing for my little ones!

And believe it or not, it just took about 10 minutes for me to complete it!


At the end, I have saved  some RM on fuel [while not contributing to air pollution] , some RM on the little pouch itself, saving my energy, reducing the usage of plastic bags.. huhuhu..wut a day 😉


One comment

  1. some kind of weird thought of you.. Always trying to do something new.. That’s great! And I was called to do the same thing also.. But,yet still have no time.. Hopefully there is some other time for me.. Nice ‘handmade’ bag! It gonna be very convenient for them to bring it wherever they want.. It is also very nive in looking! Anyway,good job!

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