the wizardry of c-l-o-t-h-d-i-a-p-e-r

July 6, 2009
Dun get confused with the title. I'm not a wizard who knows every
inch of clothdiapering, but this post is only meant for sharing MY
experience in clothdiaperhood.

When ?

…some jots on how i ‘met’ this clothie-things…

During the first few month after I had my Nadyne, I did read somewhere about cloth diaper – CD. But that reading didn’t actually stuck in my brain. So i was kind of buat tak tahu jer.

But when I had Naurin, CD topics had become one of the hottest topic in some parenting forums, including susuibu.com [the sites that truly had enlightened me about breastfeeding A-to-Z]. Then came a moment when I have a gut to give it a try.

What ?

And, here’s the list of CDs (new & seconds) that i have tried, which most of them are still actively-n-lovingly being used by both of my girls.

  1. freshbots Ai2
  2. freshbots pocket diaper
  3. mommy’s touch – pink dot
  4. bumgenius – blue
  5. oh-i-forgot-its-name
  6. coolababy – green
  7. coolababy – red
  8. bumgenius – lime
  9. mommy’s touch – lavender
  10. baby kanga – flamingo
  11. baby kanga – robins egg
  12. happy heinys – M sized
  13. dream EZE – AiO
  14. happy heinys – cow print
  15. happy heinys – cheetah print
  16. happy heinys – orange

So, which one is the best? I dont have an exact answer for that. Every Cd has its own features and is unique by its own.

some cd collections

P5220022 These are from Freshbots, a local made. On the left is pocket diaper with velcro, and the right one is All-in-Two diaper.


They are bumgenius! The blue and the green.

This is my little Naurin Daania with her organic AIO. it does look bulky, but it works for night use in sense of absorption, and leaving no marks or rashes on her delicate skin.

naurin with AIO

How (#1)?

Since one of my intention writing up this post is to spread every words about CD to everyone, thus I would humbly emphasize here that it’s totally as easy as A-B-C!

Just some words to challenge mothers out there: I have no maid, I do my own cooking,(mostly), I  work 8-to-5, yet Alhamdulillah I manage to 98%ly use CDs for my girls’ elimination needs.

I started from zero. I bought one piece and I tried. Only then came the stage of judging & analyzing & solving (if needed).

Trial #1

I put the Ai2 on my eldest doter, within 2 hours, it leaked.

judgement: I hate it. why did it leak? why n whyyy..??

analyzing: maybe i didn’t put on the right button, so it wasn’t tight enuff, leaving some space between the leg gusset and Nadyne’s leg.

solving: for the next round of trial, give a better adjustment on waist button, ensure the insert is properly folded and nicely snug in.

verdict: no leak, only that my healthy doter had filled it up with her smoothie bowel output [please excuse those harsh description ;P ]

Managing My CD Stash

That will be on my How (#2) in the next post!



  1. hi there.
    nice blog writing.. I was like ‘Cd?’ before I read this.. But then, I became more curious to know, or more exact word is to have one CD for my daughters..
    Obviously, our works in house are packed.. Less and lesser time to spend with children.. So I took this initiative to spend more time with them..
    Looks like by having this thing, no more chaos to go to supermarket.. All of a sudden, we also ‘teach’ ourselves to love the Earth..
    So, me 100% will support the usage of this thing!

    • Hi Marie,
      Yay!! its gud to have others share the same thought of this CD things.
      Have a piece or two for your daughters, test them n gradually u will love them 😉

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