A cat? Aye..

July 30, 2009

I never was a fan of cats, unlike my dear hubby. Last week there was this black cat that keep on trying to get into our house. One morning when I was preparing porridge for our girls, I was quite startled with the presence of that cat in MY HOUSE! I controlled my nerve and politely asked her to go out. She seemed to refuse and heading towards the stairs. So the last thing I did was, carefully toss him outside. Thats it.

grey cat

We were having a company at home when suddenly we noticed meowing sound coming from under the stairs. Ooo God Gracious, we have newborns in our house! Since i am no fan of cats, I was going to ask my hubby to bring them all outside, because i really hate the smell of having them around! There were 3-4 lil kittens there. Only then I was cought by the previous scene of the mother cat heading to the stairs. Apparently, she was going to breastfeed her babies. Owh, at that moment I was struck by guilts.

I myself breastfeed my babies, and have been always support those who do. This mother cat also does, so for the sake of it, I let her stay comfortably with her babies there, as long as she could continue providing the best for them.May God bless us all.

I did ask my hubby one day: How long is she going to exclusively breastfeed them? 🙂

So, up till now, we have been feeding her breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes snacks. Another  finding: our Naurin is so passionate on cat 🙂 just like her daddy!



  1. haha!! is there kittens in YOUR house??
    what a pity… anyway, are they still occupying the ’empty’ space of ur house?
    get rid of it lar…
    they also want some freedoms…
    FREE THEM ALL!! =)

    • =) they are free already!

      anyway, we r grateful to have those special guest for few weeks 😉

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