hand expressing

July 30, 2009

I was surprised after learning that my cousin hand expresses her breastmilk for her 4ht baby. We both have a firm believe on exclusive breastfeeding, and indirectly I did share with her about my Medela Harmony. But it turned her down after knowing it’s price, and thus she opt for hand expressing.

hamd expressNever occur to me that there will be a necessity for me in using my hand to express my precious milk.

But last 2 weeks, i actually gave it a try! And it was amazing when, after learning the right techniques  on hand expressing, I managed to express as much amount as (and most of the times  can be moooore than) per using the electric breastpump. What’s more interesting was: I KNOW that my both breasts are empty after every session of hand expressing. . which was really really satisfying.

I would humbly suggest that every mother should have this hand expression skills – it’s handy!

It totally won’t hurt if you do it right, and it surely wont be the factor of making your breast sagging (I heard one old woman commented this on hand expressing) ~ that is  just another ridiculous myth =)

Why would every mom out there got to have at least the basic of this skill? I am a career mom, equipped with both manual and electric dual pump, and have been using them for 2 babies for 2.5 years..so what the heck? Ahha..Uncertanties can be certain if we certainly arm ourselves with  some basic knowledge on basic things 😉 We don’t know if somehow we accidentally left some part or accessory of the pump at home..or the office building went black out..or you are trapped somewhere..and your breast are full, so you’re left with no options: but the only gadget that you have: is your own hand!

There are loads of infos on the net about this method, some with pictures and movie to help giving you a clearer view. This is one of the useful site with Marmet technique and things to avoid.

This primitive method might be pertinent for you. Just bear in our mind: it takes practice, yet worth learning.


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