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ibu has got cloth pads! =)

July 20, 2010

Since cloth diapering has been part of our life, I tested my skills in sewing myself some cloth pads. Yup, say it again: c-l-o-t-h.

Why all of the hassles? Hehe..sometimes passion combined with satisfaction could become madness. [my dearest hubby even called me the dark-witch-tailor, quoting a role from a spanish drama].

I started with a piece of pocket pad, which you can insert any insert of any size or any material, depending of your menstrual flow [heavy or medium]. Then I tried the all-in-one pad. Both are good for me.


The picture of AiO pads above are the latest pads that i sewn. This morning, I ‘presented’ the shocking pink coloured to my sister, Rayyan. Well, my intention was to let her try my sample pad and ask for testimonial.

A few weeks ago, I also made myself a pad  bag, some people call it wetbag. This little bag can hold two regular pads.


The inside of this bag is lined with waterproof layer.