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elimination communication..anyone??!

July 9, 2009

potty time

Yesterday, as i was having a chat with my girls’ babysitter, i was surprised when  i  found out that she actually have practised the elimination communication with my Naurin (12mo) since a few months ago.

[owh how i really love u, kak bah!!]

Some infos on EC could be found here and here or just anywhere in cyberspace 😉

So, what actually my babysitter has done?

Maybe after you have read about  EC, you will find that my story couldn’t exactly be categorized as EC, but to me, it was a little something to start with. At least I have a real-time role model which i can always refer to in establishing EC.

Whenever my Naurin wakes up from her sleep, she will straight away take off Naurin’s CD, bring her to the toilet sink, and will do the shee-shee sound, as in giving a sign for Naurin to start pee-pee. And most of the time, she WILL do that.

Only then I get some answers on my I-wonder-whys. No wonder that my babysitter can save 1-2 pieces of CD daily because of this EC. Out of 5 pieces of CD that i bring to her home during my Naurin n Nadyne’s day care, I usually get around 2-3 pieces of soiled or wet CDs for me to wash.

So last night I tried the BBsitter’s technic. but this time BEFORE Naurin goes to sleep. CD off, to the toilet, sit down, did the shee-shee sounds..but she just smiiiiiiiled at me..haha! n she resisted to pee. meybe it wasn’t the right time yet, or maybe my approach is not correctly done.

Well, more days to come ahead, thus more days for me to give another try!