ibu has got cloth pads! =)

July 20, 2010

Since cloth diapering has been part of our life, I tested my skills in sewing myself some cloth pads. Yup, say it again: c-l-o-t-h.

Why all of the hassles? Hehe..sometimes passion combined with satisfaction could become madness. [my dearest hubby even called me the dark-witch-tailor, quoting a role from a spanish drama].

I started with a piece of pocket pad, which you can insert any insert of any size or any material, depending of your menstrual flow [heavy or medium]. Then I tried the all-in-one pad. Both are good for me.


The picture of AiO pads above are the latest pads that i sewn. This morning, I ‘presented’ the shocking pink coloured to my sister, Rayyan. Well, my intention was to let her try my sample pad and ask for testimonial.

A few weeks ago, I also made myself a pad  bag, some people call it wetbag. This little bag can hold two regular pads.


The inside of this bag is lined with waterproof layer.


Where’s my camera?

August 1, 2009

That has been a daily question i would ask myself, my dear hubby n my both innocent daughters. <sigh…> We’ve looking for it here and there, but to no avail.

There have been lots of things and scenes which i olready have missed to capture with that camera, only managed to capture and saved them in my ‘temporary memory box’.

Solution: I have to get that little gadget which i cant recall its name, the cable to transfer picture from my not-so-canggeh handphone to my PC. Will surely do it by this afternoon.


A cat? Aye..

July 30, 2009

I never was a fan of cats, unlike my dear hubby. Last week there was this black cat that keep on trying to get into our house. One morning when I was preparing porridge for our girls, I was quite startled with the presence of that cat in MY HOUSE! I controlled my nerve and politely asked her to go out. She seemed to refuse and heading towards the stairs. So the last thing I did was, carefully toss him outside. Thats it.

grey cat

We were having a company at home when suddenly we noticed meowing sound coming from under the stairs. Ooo God Gracious, we have newborns in our house! Since i am no fan of cats, I was going to ask my hubby to bring them all outside, because i really hate the smell of having them around! There were 3-4 lil kittens there. Only then I was cought by the previous scene of the mother cat heading to the stairs. Apparently, she was going to breastfeed her babies. Owh, at that moment I was struck by guilts.

I myself breastfeed my babies, and have been always support those who do. This mother cat also does, so for the sake of it, I let her stay comfortably with her babies there, as long as she could continue providing the best for them.May God bless us all.

I did ask my hubby one day: How long is she going to exclusively breastfeed them? 🙂

So, up till now, we have been feeding her breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes snacks. Another  finding: our Naurin is so passionate on cat 🙂 just like her daddy!


hand expressing

July 30, 2009

I was surprised after learning that my cousin hand expresses her breastmilk for her 4ht baby. We both have a firm believe on exclusive breastfeeding, and indirectly I did share with her about my Medela Harmony. But it turned her down after knowing it’s price, and thus she opt for hand expressing.

hamd expressNever occur to me that there will be a necessity for me in using my hand to express my precious milk.

But last 2 weeks, i actually gave it a try! And it was amazing when, after learning the right techniques  on hand expressing, I managed to express as much amount as (and most of the times  can be moooore than) per using the electric breastpump. What’s more interesting was: I KNOW that my both breasts are empty after every session of hand expressing. . which was really really satisfying.

I would humbly suggest that every mother should have this hand expression skills – it’s handy!

It totally won’t hurt if you do it right, and it surely wont be the factor of making your breast sagging (I heard one old woman commented this on hand expressing) ~ that is  just another ridiculous myth =)

Why would every mom out there got to have at least the basic of this skill? I am a career mom, equipped with both manual and electric dual pump, and have been using them for 2 babies for 2.5 years..so what the heck? Ahha..Uncertanties can be certain if we certainly arm ourselves with  some basic knowledge on basic things 😉 We don’t know if somehow we accidentally left some part or accessory of the pump at home..or the office building went black out..or you are trapped somewhere..and your breast are full, so you’re left with no options: but the only gadget that you have: is your own hand!

There are loads of infos on the net about this method, some with pictures and movie to help giving you a clearer view. This is one of the useful site with Marmet technique and things to avoid.

This primitive method might be pertinent for you. Just bear in our mind: it takes practice, yet worth learning.


elimination communication..anyone??!

July 9, 2009

potty time

Yesterday, as i was having a chat with my girls’ babysitter, i was surprised when  i  found out that she actually have practised the elimination communication with my Naurin (12mo) since a few months ago.

[owh how i really love u, kak bah!!]

Some infos on EC could be found here and here or just anywhere in cyberspace 😉

So, what actually my babysitter has done?

Maybe after you have read about  EC, you will find that my story couldn’t exactly be categorized as EC, but to me, it was a little something to start with. At least I have a real-time role model which i can always refer to in establishing EC.

Whenever my Naurin wakes up from her sleep, she will straight away take off Naurin’s CD, bring her to the toilet sink, and will do the shee-shee sound, as in giving a sign for Naurin to start pee-pee. And most of the time, she WILL do that.

Only then I get some answers on my I-wonder-whys. No wonder that my babysitter can save 1-2 pieces of CD daily because of this EC. Out of 5 pieces of CD that i bring to her home during my Naurin n Nadyne’s day care, I usually get around 2-3 pieces of soiled or wet CDs for me to wash.

So last night I tried the BBsitter’s technic. but this time BEFORE Naurin goes to sleep. CD off, to the toilet, sit down, did the shee-shee sounds..but she just smiiiiiiiled at me..haha! n she resisted to pee. meybe it wasn’t the right time yet, or maybe my approach is not correctly done.

Well, more days to come ahead, thus more days for me to give another try!


the wizardry of c-l-o-t-h-d-i-a-p-e-r

July 6, 2009
Dun get confused with the title. I'm not a wizard who knows every
inch of clothdiapering, but this post is only meant for sharing MY
experience in clothdiaperhood.

When ?

…some jots on how i ‘met’ this clothie-things…

During the first few month after I had my Nadyne, I did read somewhere about cloth diaper – CD. But that reading didn’t actually stuck in my brain. So i was kind of buat tak tahu jer.

But when I had Naurin, CD topics had become one of the hottest topic in some parenting forums, including susuibu.com [the sites that truly had enlightened me about breastfeeding A-to-Z]. Then came a moment when I have a gut to give it a try.

What ?

And, here’s the list of CDs (new & seconds) that i have tried, which most of them are still actively-n-lovingly being used by both of my girls.

  1. freshbots Ai2
  2. freshbots pocket diaper
  3. mommy’s touch – pink dot
  4. bumgenius – blue
  5. oh-i-forgot-its-name
  6. coolababy – green
  7. coolababy – red
  8. bumgenius – lime
  9. mommy’s touch – lavender
  10. baby kanga – flamingo
  11. baby kanga – robins egg
  12. happy heinys – M sized
  13. dream EZE – AiO
  14. happy heinys – cow print
  15. happy heinys – cheetah print
  16. happy heinys – orange

So, which one is the best? I dont have an exact answer for that. Every Cd has its own features and is unique by its own.

some cd collections

P5220022 These are from Freshbots, a local made. On the left is pocket diaper with velcro, and the right one is All-in-Two diaper.


They are bumgenius! The blue and the green.

This is my little Naurin Daania with her organic AIO. it does look bulky, but it works for night use in sense of absorption, and leaving no marks or rashes on her delicate skin.

naurin with AIO

How (#1)?

Since one of my intention writing up this post is to spread every words about CD to everyone, thus I would humbly emphasize here that it’s totally as easy as A-B-C!

Just some words to challenge mothers out there: I have no maid, I do my own cooking,(mostly), I  work 8-to-5, yet Alhamdulillah I manage to 98%ly use CDs for my girls’ elimination needs.

I started from zero. I bought one piece and I tried. Only then came the stage of judging & analyzing & solving (if needed).

Trial #1

I put the Ai2 on my eldest doter, within 2 hours, it leaked.

judgement: I hate it. why did it leak? why n whyyy..??

analyzing: maybe i didn’t put on the right button, so it wasn’t tight enuff, leaving some space between the leg gusset and Nadyne’s leg.

solving: for the next round of trial, give a better adjustment on waist button, ensure the insert is properly folded and nicely snug in.

verdict: no leak, only that my healthy doter had filled it up with her smoothie bowel output [please excuse those harsh description ;P ]

Managing My CD Stash

That will be on my How (#2) in the next post!


Something for Nadyne

July 6, 2009

P8230309Yesterday afternoon, while I was having my leasure time with DH and kids having some fun here and there, I was a bit disturbed by the way Nadyne improperly keeping her jumbo colour pencils. It’s not because it looked untidy, but it just hit me with an idea of sewing something nice for her.  Yup, i really mean s-e-w-i-n-g.

Well..after trimming about the right size of 2 differents materials, arrange them accordingly, i sew it very straight-forwardly [yeaa yeaa..I do admit that i AM amateur], putting on the white ribbon to make a simple tie, and taddaaa..I came up with something little thing for my little ones!

And believe it or not, it just took about 10 minutes for me to complete it!


At the end, I have saved  some RM on fuel [while not contributing to air pollution] , some RM on the little pouch itself, saving my energy, reducing the usage of plastic bags.. huhuhu..wut a day 😉